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The Same Damned Soul: Chapter 3 The Same Damned Soul: Chapter 3
The Same Damned Soul: Chapter 2
The Same Damned Soul: Chapter 1

"It’s a cliché to say you’re all about summer and love, man, but this is a band actually capable of making that love audible..." -Obscure Sound

"Their latest EP 'Same Damned Soul,' opens with a barn-burning anthem to lost loves ('Ghosts'), and continues at this speed 'til you arrive at the beach in time for the party with closer 'Maritime.' This is quite a bit of fun to be sure" -Deli Magazine

"If summer love was presented in band-form, it would probably look something like Los Encantados" -Indie Current

"Los Encantados deliver a rock album made for the last pitch of a perfect game, in slow motion, game seven of the World Series." -Dingusonmusic.com

"The six-piece Brooklyn band made me smile this week with its catchy EP, Same Damned Soul." -Whitney Matheson, USA Today

"Big, brash indie rock with hints of power pop and classic Phil Spector." -Time Out New York

"Los Encantados seem to know pop inside and out. With a barrage of sweet, ringing guitar melodies, hat-heavy drum patters, and catchy-as-F vocal forays, this first chapter... is about as beach-ready as it gets." -buffaBLOG

"Los Encantados take all the great bits of rock’n'roll, mix them up with a summer of trips to France and Coney Island, and end up creating indie rock gems" -The Music Ninja


Going back to the studio. See y'all in the Summer!